People Photos from Japan!

And so, I’m officially back in Japan! Well, blog-wise only of course. My body is in boring Singapore and I use this blog to take me to where I want to be in spirit.

And let me bring you guys there too – through the products of my street photography, featuring the people of Japan!

But oh, my photos are dead lousy so pardon me. I was using a very old Olympus point-and-shoot see, and it’s rated one of the worst on CNET. And even among the terrible cameras, this one is the king, and by that I mean it’s the worst, not best, of the worst.

And on top of that, I’m a rookie photograher too.

And oh, all these were taken at a time when I didn’t approach others for permission. I swear I’m not being voyeur; I was just shy. I just wanted to capture the culture and everyday life in Japan and I believe people photos are the best way to accomplish this.

So now that I hopefully have your understanding (and sympathy LOL), let it roll.

Traditional Japan

Geishas in Asakusa Temple Tokyo (2)

Asakusa: What could be better than geishas and kimonos? And better still, at a temple?? They appeared so suddenly and were walking really fast – I had to rush in front of them without looking like a stalker!