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Should I Go to Brunei? 8 Points to Ponder

Well folks, this is my final post on Brunei before my blog travels back to Japan. It’s time to close the chapter on a country I thoroughly enjoyed 😦

Now you might be considering a trip to Brunei but perhaps you’d heard quite a bit of negativity and have some doubts. Yes, Brunei isn’t a popular spot to travellers and ironically it doesn’t do much to promote itself either. This happens when you have a lot of oil I guess 😛

So let this farewell post aid you in your decision. I’ll talk about why Brunei is worth going to and also why it isn’t from the viewpoint of others. Hopefully this mix of aye and nay will help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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Food War Ep. 3: Brunei’s Burgers vs Ramly Burgers

23 Feb 2013

Question: You know what I really think of some travellers who claim that they’ve ‘done’ Malaysia, thinking they’ve lived like the locals AND YET don’t know about Ramly burgers?

Answer: Their claim is simultaneously oxymoronic and moronic. Okay I kid about the latter part but you get the point. No one can truly say they’ve ‘done’ Malaysia without knowing its most famous burger.

Ramly Logo

Ramly burger logo. From its official website and online store,

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To my very few regular readers,

As you probably might’ve guessed, this blog is very new and I’ve started to promote it only very recently. Just a few minutes ago, to be precise – I’ve just created my blog’s Facebook page.

For now, it’s got nothing there except a photo of a mini-me in Thailand; I’ll add more stuff to it in due time.

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Empire Hotel and Country Club, Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam

Exploring Brunei’s Empire Hotel & Country Club..and the Tourist vs Traveller Debate

25 Feb 2013

I’ve always been a big fan of budget accommodation. It saves us money so we effectively travel longer and feels more adventurous than a ‘prim and proper’ hotel.

Many (though not all) backpackers share this sentiment actually – it’s their ethos that to travel ‘properly’, one must go budget. They condescend the person who stays at a luxury hotel, seeing him as too timid, pampered, stuck in his comfort zone and not really living it like a local.

Yup, it’s the ‘Tourist vs Traveller’ debate I hear you say. It’s strange and anti-Darwinian cos for the first time, relatively ‘cheap’ people who call themselves true ‘travellers’ get to look down on their wealthy resort-loving ‘tourist’ counterparts.

Being a backpacker myself, I sometimes wonder about it. Yes, most of my friends prefer starred hotels and yes, they miss out on a lot of adventure in the process..but are these ‘tourists’ really ‘inferior’ and not travelling ‘properly’?

As I write about my visit to the Empire Hotel & Country Club, I’ll elaborate on the answer from my point of view. Being Brunei’s top-rated and most prominent luxury hotel, it’s surely a tourist haven, from the viewpoint of a ‘traveller’.

Of course me being a budget guy, I didn’t spend a night there – I went sightseeing as a tourist. Or traveller, if you want to be kosher. Whatever.

What I saw upon entering immediately blew me away. It was grand, simply put. I couldn’t have expected less – this hotel has a 6-star rating!

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Thou shalt eat Royce ‘Nama’ Chocolate

Once in a while, I’ll talk about something travel-unrelated. Just to take a break you know. Sometimes my travel blog needs a vacation.

If you think you’re happy and yet you’ve never tasted Royce’s ‘Nama’ chocolate before, it means that what you think is simply wrong.

And I can vouch that I’m right because I was in the same position before – dead wrong.

I’ll first start by saying that I’m not paid in any way whatsoever to promote the Royce brand. I can’t be anyway since my blog is new and I only have about five regular readers (note: a very heartfelt thank you to all of you; your readership has been a huge encouragement to this new kid on the blogging block).

In fact, I’m writing this solely because I’m so madly in love with Royce. And I must spread that love; it’d be selfish of me to contain the joy to myself. So hear ye the good news!

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