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Should I Go to Brunei? 8 Points to Ponder

Well folks, this is my final post on Brunei before my blog travels back to Japan. It’s time to close the chapter on a country I thoroughly enjoyed 😦

Now you might be considering a trip to Brunei but perhaps you’d heard quite a bit of negativity and have some doubts. Yes, Brunei isn’t a popular spot to travellers and ironically it doesn’t do much to promote itself either. This happens when you have a lot of oil I guess 😛

So let this farewell post aid you in your decision. I’ll talk about why Brunei is worth going to and also why it isn’t from the viewpoint of others. Hopefully this mix of aye and nay will help you reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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Brunei Travel Guide

Brunei travel guide

Where’s Brunei??

I’m going to stop blogging about my trip to Japan for a while and write a few pieces on Brunei Darussalam instead. It’s a country sandwiched in the middle of East Malaysia and I went there in February this year. There was some difficulty in planning for the trip cos there aren’t many travel guides online and some of these guides are rather vague, so I decided to do one myself for the benefit of other people who intend to go there.

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