Food War Ep. 3: Brunei’s Burgers vs Ramly Burgers

23 Feb 2013

Question: You know what I really think of some travellers who claim that they’ve ‘done’ Malaysia, thinking they’ve lived like the locals AND YET don’t know about Ramly burgers?

Answer: Their claim is simultaneously oxymoronic and moronic. Okay I kid about the latter part but you get the point. No one can truly say they’ve ‘done’ Malaysia without knowing its most famous burger.

Ramly Logo

Ramly burger logo. From its official website and online store,

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Thou shalt eat Royce ‘Nama’ Chocolate

Once in a while, I’ll talk about something travel-unrelated. Just to take a break you know. Sometimes my travel blog needs a vacation.

If you think you’re happy and yet you’ve never tasted Royce’s ‘Nama’ chocolate before, it means that what you think is simply wrong.

And I can vouch that I’m right because I was in the same position before – dead wrong.

I’ll first start by saying that I’m not paid in any way whatsoever to promote the Royce brand. I can’t be anyway since my blog is new and I only have about five regular readers (note: a very heartfelt thank you to all of you; your readership has been a huge encouragement to this new kid on the blogging block).

In fact, I’m writing this solely because I’m so madly in love with Royce. And I must spread that love; it’d be selfish of me to contain the joy to myself. So hear ye the good news!

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Ambuyat is the Blandest Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

25 Feb 2013

You know, there are some foods which totally lack culinary merit but are widely popular because they come under the convenient-yet-attractive label of being a territory’s unique dish. Hakone’s eggs boiled in sulphuric vapours (which ta-dah!, taste like boiled eggs) and pig testicle sashimi (no kidding) are premium examples. Mediocrity is okay as long as it’s one of a kind, it seems.

And now, adding on to this list is Ambuyat, a Bruneian delicacy, which yes, is very authentic and unique – I don’t recall seeing it in neighbouring Malaysia or Indonesia. However, calling Ambuyat mediocre would be extremely flattering and I’m not being biased here because technically, Ambuyat is tasteless

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Tsukiji: A personal review of its sashimi and sushi

12 Nov 2012


EDIT: Please disregard the entry below and treat it as just a (very screwed up) state of my mind and nothing more. After more eating and mental recollection, nothing beats the sashimi in Tsukiji.

I love sashimi. It’s a gradually acquired taste but I really, really love it. I swear I could go on eating and eating sashimi and my colleagues call me the Fisherman’s Friend for that. But unfortunately though, I keep a regular monthly lid on my buffets. Both my spirit and body are indeed willing but the wallet is weak.

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It’s the CAPCOM Bar!!

Actual date: 11 Nov 2012
Address: 1-3-16 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture

To tell you the truth, I’m no longer the crazy gamer that I was once was a decade ago. Travelling, weightlifting, running, hiking and socialising have long replaced the time that I’d spend conquering countries on a computer. So the fact that Capcom still lives in me despite my departure from the gaming world signifies its prowess not only in the development of games, but lives as well (especially those early years, and I’m sure many would agree).

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