Nintendo joystick in Super Potato

Retro Gaming and Childhood Memories at Super Potato!

“And he (Jesus) said: Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”
-Matthew 18:3

I’m not religious but if the verse above was true, then I sure was a step closer to Paradise on the night of 12 November, 2013.

Because on that night, I was savouring all my favourite childhood games on almost every retro console you could think of: Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation 1 and many more! Retro gaming sure brings back memories from decades ago and I felt like a child again, the mini-me I once was.

So if you too want to bring your inner child back or if you simply like retro gaming, get yourself to the video game shop I was at: Super Potato in Akihabara, Tokyo. If you ‘re seeking the kingdom of heaven you might want to give it a shot too 😛

Super Potato sells a wide variety of games and consoles from the days gone by:

Super Potato retro gaming shop in Akihabara, Tokyo

Seven consoles, a thousand memories

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Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan night panorama

Bruneian Streets, Bruneian Life

23 – 25 Feb 2013

Exploring the streets of Bandar Seri Begawan and Jerudong in Brunei, to me, was a trip back to of a life long gone, a life I once had.

I grew up in a small and close-knit town in Malaysia, see. Those days were filled with simple joys like genuine friendship, relaxing over the weekend and doing what I wanted to without worrying what lay ahead. This life as I knew it is now just a memory as I’m currently residing in soulless Singapore.

You could say that my three days in Brunei brought me back to where I was more than ten years ago. And I loved it.
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Outside Istana Nurul Iman, the Biggest Palace in the World

24 Feb 2013

When I was a primary school kid, I used to dream of owning a very, very large house . In fact I actually drew a few plans and it looked like a commercial district with shops, hotels, entertainment centres and of course a very large mansion for myself right in the middle. A small boy can certainly dream big, and I’m sure you did too back then.

And then we all grow up and laugh at these dreams cos it sounds so silly and overblown, like ya know, typical kids always wanting the best of everything. I’m now renting a small pigeon hole in Singapore, which is about a thousand times smaller than that grand district I drew up.

However, there’s this one really lucky man who’s living his grandest, biggest dream – the Sultan of Brunei, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, who was once the richest man on Earth. His palace, Istana Nurul Iman is verified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest, and he even has a personal assortment of Ferraris which could fill up five aeroplane hangars.

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Royal Regalia Building: The (ex-)Richest Man on Earth’s Museum

24 Feb 2013

I tell you, visiting Brunei’s Royal Regalia Building is a reminder that life’s just never fair. I slave and toil away with five million other people in Singapore, yet our combined net worth can’t match that of the Sultan of Brunei, once the richest man on this planet. The Building stores the many regalia and gifts given to the Sultan from both local and international hosts, and also chronicles his life and achievements.

Royal Regalia Building Coronation Car (Usongan Diraja)

Having a building which publicly displays your possessions and glorifies your name – only a King has that privilege. A Prime Minister or President in a democratic country wouldn’t until he’s dead.

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Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque: the Second Most Beautiful Mosque in Brunei

24 Feb 2013


I mean it’s really, really beautiful IMO but it falls below Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque – click the link to be the judge. Other than that, I was totally struck by Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. I’m don’t have a religion, but I think I spent much more time there than most of the Muslim tourists I came across.

Also called Kiarong Mosque, JAHSM was built to mark the 25th anniversary of the current Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah. It’s located next to a bustling highway but still manages to be peaceful – somehow, the rumble of vehicle engines was silenced by the Mosque’s tranquility.

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