Hi, Ruzhi here. Sorry for that Lego picture; I somehow find it very hard to get a good self-portrait and that’s one of the few in my limited collection.

Chew Ruzhi

Ok, I hope this one’s better. And hey, I’m actually a friendly person…

Chew Ruzhi

…like seriously ๐Ÿ™‚

Born in 1985, I hail from Bukit Mertajam, a small town in Penang, Malaysia. I’ve lived away from home since the age of 17 when I moved to Kuala Lumpur for college and 20 to Singapore for my degree.

I was actually a civil engineer (surprised?), working at two construction sites after graduation. Yes, Civil Engineering is my major and no, I don’t know why I took it up. Let’s just say that this is all past and I’m now a passionate recruiter. I love my current job.

When I’m not recruiting, I’m wanderlusting. Being in Singapore for so long has increased my desire to see the world beyond where I am, since where I am now is a tiny, very boring red dot. There isn’t anything that interesting to do here, so logically the most interesting to do is get out.

And when I do get out, I backpack solo. Saving money on budget airlines and affordable hostels means travelling longer. Being solo means I get all the freedom I want – and no, I’m not lonely; I meet other travellers in hotels and make new friends with the locals I come across.

Capsule Hotel Green Plaza Shinjuku

Staying in a capsule is cheaper and more interesting than your usual hotel..

Conversely, this also means that I hate tour packages. I REALLY hate them. Luxury travel is a welcome bonus, but not if it eats into my savings and makes me go places I don’t want to go.

Speaking of places, I LOVE going to rare destinations, taking the path less travelled. It’s extremely exciting to go to somewhere unknown and it gives a lot of crazy stories and photos to share. I bribed my way into Bruce Lee’s house which is now a love motel (without seeing anything I don’t want to see, luckily), played a clip from the acclaimed Ip Man 2 movie at the grave of Ip Man himself, and wandered into one of the last remaining villages in Hong Kong in search of a place where Bruce filmed a movie scene decades ago.

Going to such places beats the usual shopping, eating and sightseeing combo

But of course, going to popular destinations is also a must; they are popular for a reason right? Going to a foreign land never feels complete without visiting its iconic places.

Ruzhi at Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wat Arun-Bangkok-Thailand

Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand

King's Park-Perth-Australia

King’s Park, Perth, Australia. Tower-shaped structures…I don’t know why they always give me the best self-portraits!

And lastly, I’m a teetotaler, both abroad and back here. I don’t drink (surprised again?) and no, I’m not religious. I just hate alcohol. I’ve never liked its taste. Never will. You might think I’m being a boring good boy, but I know I’m a lot happier than most drunk losers boozers out there. I eat more than I drink. Apart from sampling local cuisine, nothing beats good sashimi, steak and a can of coke.


Upon intake, my face is as red as the wine itself. No alcohol tips on this blog, sorry.

Right, so that’s all about me for now. Now go ahead and read up my on adventures abroad! ๐Ÿ˜€

Bon voyage,


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    • Thanks! Same with your blog too, I always like reading posts about Singapore from foreign residents because it’s always more refreshing, less brainwashed and also due to the fact that I’m a FT as well =)

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