Gomenasai!!! So sorry for being away for soooo long!!

Oh my gawd folks,

I’ve been away from this blog for too long!! I’m so sorry to all my readers (just a few of you here, of whom have probably got even fewer) for my vanishing magic trick. It’s not amusing or climactic I know, and neither is it magical.

It sucks and I suck, I know.

Well, I was too busy with my daily routine and stuff, see. In a way I could say that I’ve ‘travelled’ away from this blog to do some other things and this actually fits my blog theme, since Ruzhi was Here is all about, well, travel. So give a round of roaring applause for my return aye!

Nah just cut this excuse and kick me in the ass. I deserve it.

So let me pick myself up again and slowly get back to travel blogger mode, and let me whip up stories based on my footprints. I’ll try to be as regular as I was back then, whether I travel or ‘travel’.

Arigatou guzaimasu for your understanding and once again, gomenasai! More articles about Japan to come soon!


By Ruzhi Chew Posted in Japan

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